Family holiday for my mate

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May 31st 2017
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Hi everyone. 

I'm trying to raise some money for my mate who is posted (in the Australian Navy) away from his family (wife and 2 kids).

They could not afford to all live in sydney and both work due to the high cost of living and daycare. 


His wife is in brisbane and he is in sydney for his 2 yr posting. 

He gets to see his wife and 2 beautiful Childeren  (4 and 6 months old) about once every 2 or 3 months, unless he is deployed and that pushes it out to 6+ months. 

They can not afford a holiday and haven't had for a long time.

I would love to give back to what he has given to his country and what his wife has gone through all by her self while he has been away. 

Please help me give this family a holiday at the end of the year they deserve. 

I want to send them to Europe for 1 month. Which includes

Munich glockenspiel 

Neuschwanstein castle (Disneyland castle)

teddy bear factory (giengen)


Black forrest

Cologne ( Christmas markets)


My mate has been in the navy for 10 years this July it is would mean the world to him if we could surprise him with the dream holiday together as a family.