Food for students at Solmaid School, Dhaka

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December 31st 2017
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Solmaid School - Dhaka Bangladesh


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Why help a school so far away.


Is it ever too far to help feed hungry children?

Is it ever too far to give children a basic education that will help them get employed?

Is it ever too far to give an impoverished child a chance to dream and break the shackles of their poverty?


Maybe, it’s not too far.

In a land of little hope for so many, you can lend a hand to help Serve Humanity.


The Solmaid School is a school run by Bangladeshi teachers with the support of experienced expatriate teachers from the International School of Dhaka.  the International School manages the school’s finances and the training of staff.


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The students (often called ‘street children’) are drawn from the impoverished community surrounding the International school area.


Mahatma Ghandi (1931) described this model of education provision as ‘the beautiful tree’.  A philosophy whereby the community accepts responsibility for educating itself.


The school commenced in 2013 and has approximately 140 students with 400 waiting.  It has an operating budget of $US25,000.


The Rotary Club of Ocean Grove along with the Rotary Club of Dhaka North support the school with funding for food, some scholarships, clothes and some books.  But we need your help.  


Your generous donation will help to feed all the children (140) every day during the school year.   


There are many students on the waiting list, there a more teachers to be trained,  there are teaching aids to be bought, the list goes on……..



Please find a few dollars that will be used to support these children so that they too can dream dreams of a better future. 

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