Living Organisations

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June 30th 2017
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"Living Organisations"

A campaign to support my new business venture including specialised training in the Netherlands.


I aim to do what no one else does. This will be unique, innovation has to be . . .


I have been trying to do some specialised training in the Netherlands for the third year running now. I would normally be able to fund something like this myself but I have had a difficult time professionally and personally the last few years. I have experienced some degree of under employment following declining an offer of a new contract on the basis of my integrity and a sudden relationship separation that  left me in a tight spot financially.  The training represents my passion, integrity, courage and commitment to pursuing my professional dreams. Here is some more about  the work and my vision.


Help me to build more progressive and healthy Australian organisations where people are happy and fulfilled in their work and want to turn up each day to create and contribute. Imagine work cultures where employees and governing boards are committed to what they are doing, have a deep sense of belonging, feel valued, included, productive and creative.  Imagine organisations that are thriving and working successfully towards a long term, sustainable vision. Could this be the norm for Australian workplaces? This is the vison of my new business, “Living Organisations”

 After employment within a variety of Australian organisations both Government and Non- Government I am ready to work with people in a limitless way, which in my mind is essential for true innovation and progressive development.


By using an innovative approach developed in the Netherlands called System Dynamics in Organisations.  This work helps the leaders of organisations and businesses to navigate significant periods of change, lead forward movement and sustainable growth with clarity and provides them with a “living map” of what otherwise could remain unseen forces impacting upon success.

 Organisational constellations work represents a pioneering new paradigm approach to change and development. It is very new to Australia and very few Australian organisations or businesses have yet benefitted from it.  I aim to facilitate progressive development in Australia by offering my services to the leaders of Australian organisations and businesses in multiple sectors including Government, Non-Government, Not for Profits and Private Enterprise.

 Who I am

 Nina Ishtar

I have over thirty years’ professional experience in a diverse range of roles in the Education and Training sector in Australia including work within and alongside schools, TAFE colleges, private training providers, not for profit agencies and universities. My experienced has included service provision, research, project management and consultancy, facilitation, planning and teaching. My original background was in recreation and leisure obtaining an Associate Diploma at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. In addition I have qualifications and over fifteen years’ experience in the complimentary health field as a practitioner and teacher.

My formal training in constellation and system dynamics will be with the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands. The Institute is the world leader in this work, attracting participants in their training from over 15 different countries.  Prior to this I trained on the job, co- facilitating constellations groups in my home town of Denmark Western Australia where I still run regular groups.

I am excited to be establishing a business that will offer this cutting edge service, Australia wide. I will travel and deliver the work wherever there is interest and commitment.

 Interest Already

Through my established professional networks I already have several organisations who have expressed keen interest in the work and two independent consultants considering the complimentary service I could offer their clients.

How funds will be used

The funds cover the course fees and travel expenses for attending the training in the Netherlands three times within twelve months to complete the required  in person participation.










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Thanks for your consideration



Introductory Presentation

I will offer every pledge a free 30 minute presentation and demonstration of the Systems Dynamics in Organisations and Business work, showing how it could benefit your workplace.