Arn's broken leg help!

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April 1st 2017
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Hi Guys,

As most of you may be aware, A few weeks ago I had a crazy minor slip which resulted in a quite serious break in my leg requiring two surgeries. This has rendered me unable to work and therefore unable to make any money.

The accident has cost me over $4K in medical bills (Get ambulance cover folks!) so far, with physio and one more surgery ie. more time off work.

I am not asking for money for nothing (I mean i will give the option to donate aswell.) I will be offering various tattoo rewards in return for monetary help.

I really hope that some of you guys can help me out, as I have helped a lot of you out over the years with discounted/free tattoos.

I can't begin to describe how much your help means.

Thank you,





1 Hour of Tattooing

I will offer one hour of tattooing to 100 People to be used against a tattoo session for $150 (usually $175)

2 Hours of Tattooing

I will offer two hours of tattooing to 50 People to be used against a tattoo session for $300 (usually $350)

4 Hours of Tattooing

I will offer four hours of tattooing to 25 People to be used for $600 (usually $700)

One Full Day!

I will offer one full day of tattooing for $750 to 10 people to be used on one day, will not be split into two sessions (usually $1000)