"Emma and Tom are Turning 40 Holiday Fund"

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April 30th 2017
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Emma and Tom are turning 40!!

We would love you to celebrate our 40th birthdays with us, especially after such a busy and chaotic past few years with our building and renovating adventures.Your presence at our party to celebrate is the ultimate.

Our birthday celebrations are also a great opportunity for our house-warming since only being in our house since Christmas. Let's face-it, we're EXHAUSTED!! 

We want to share our 40th birthdays with our nearest and dearest friends from Byron, Brisbane, Melbourne and overseas. Join us to celebrate!!

Please.....rather than buy us any house-warming or birthday gifts (unless you really want to!), we are dreaming of taking our family on a holiday!!

After being so busy up with our 3 beautiful kids, house renovations and setting up home, we would love to give our family a much-needed break to visit our friends:

If you want to gift us anything, you could send to "Emma and Tom are Turning 40 Holiday Fund". 

Looking forward to celebrating with all our closest friends!

Tom and Emma