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August 31st 2017
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The Marathong Project:

has been Inspired by Australia's Best Ultra Long distance (SOLO) runners Ben Ferris - AKA FERRIS Gump.

Ben Ferris was in the Army for 7years where he worked as a Construction Engineer and had the privilege to work on some Aboriginal community's. 

Last year in 2016 he became the 1st Aussie to run across Australia SOLO with no support vehicle. 

He has also competed in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships and a lot more...

On his long run across the Australian outback, he ran threw some Aboriginal community's and was soon reminded how harsh the conditions are in the community's. 

The kids don't have much out there to Inspire them and this is where he decided it is time to do something about it. 

He said, it doesn't matter if it is only something small, at least it is something and this is the beginning of positive change.

But as you all know, if you don't get started it won't get done. 

Ben AKA (Ferris Gump) has decided he will attempt to try something that hasn't been done before just to try and help these kids. 

He said, they are either wearing no shoes or only thongs, so that is where he came up with the idea to try and do marathons in thongs,   hence where he got the name from, MARATHONG PROJECT. 

Now what? He will attempt to run from Townsville to Airlie Beach, 275km in thongs - flip flops. It's not going to be easy, yes very painful to be honest but it's worth it. 

If he can start his own running project to help Indigenous kids, it will be a dream come true and you never know, it might become a  non-for profit charity later down the track. 

We have thought about it long and hard and have come up with a few simple ideas and we have decided to start with something basic. 

It might seam like nothing but Ben said, they have nothing at all out there and even a paire of running shoes or a football would be a big deal.

So we have decided we will start with that. Not to mention get them running:). 

Our aim is to raise enough money to buy some Marathong Project hats, Shirts, shoes, thongs, food - bananas, Powerade, meat for a BBQ and some vegetables. A little bit extra money to rent/buy a movie projector or to borrow one if anybody will lend us one so we can watch a small clip of all there running training and hard work that we will be documenting and where all the kids can watch what they have done. A few extra dollars to buy a few little prize give aways to help keep them Inspired with there running. 

We are also getting in touch with Cathy Freemans Foundation and Rob Deek Castela Foundation - The Indigenous Marathon Project and Deadly Choices to see if they will donate a few shirts ect. 

Here is an estimated pricing list of what the money will be spent on from all your kind donations. 

Price list: 

hats:$25 each x 15+ =$375-$500

Shirts:$35 each x 15+=$525-$700

shoes:$25 each x $15+=$375-$500

food:fruit, drinks,meat= $400-600

projector: $200

extras:$500-$800+ Incase more kids. 

We could be aiming on the low side and might need a bit more, but it's a beginning.

We thank you all for your kind donations and we hope you all enjoy our long Marathong foot journey Project. 



Marathong Project

Ben Ferris (Ferris Gump)