Help Create Club Idenity

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Campaign Ends:
June 30th 2017
This is a flexible campaign

All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

Central Branch SAFGA is a Sporting Clay Club located in lower reachs of the Barossa Valley South Australia.

Our crowd funding is to help raise funds to establish a Central Branch SAFGA identity again, and allow our members to feel proud and united behind a coat of arms.

Central Branch Community is invloved in:

Members are invloved in Club, State and National and International level competitions

RSL Community days - allowing returned soldiers to enjoy each other company in relaxed country atmosphere.

Variety Bash Fund Raising - assisting a local Mt Pleasant man to help raise funds in their endevours to compete in the Variety Bash. By hosting Club raffles, practice days in aid of their fund raising efforts.

Ladies Day - Breaking down barriers for women in our sport

For a long time now we have been competing against an ageing membership and rising costs of insurance. As in case with many small community groups, it has left our community group always that bit short of funds. Which had left the club unable to justify digitalising the club logo, creating / running a website. Not having this capacity has left the club inefficient at recruiting new members

We are looking for you help to help raise those funds, so we can project professional appearance when addressing new sponsors, grants, and to help launch our website to attract new members.

With your donation we will put in place a new club logo in each digital formats, we'll use this chance to create a website where we can promote our exciting sport to new members. To support our sponsors. We are also planning to have a flag made endorned with new club logo to fly proudly above the club each competition day.

Your small contribution will allow our club to have the ability to start growing again. Projecting the positive energy from our small Club to the greater public

Thank you for your time. Thank for you contribution.