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April 24th 2017
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June 2017



Featuring in


‘ That’s not a knife. ’


A Documentary delivering never before seen footage of what it takes to actually make it in America.

For an Australian Actor.




Shaun is a lifelong musician and actor. Headlining as the lead singer of the band Origin Of Janken (Aust. Got Talent), he soon followed this, devoting his entire career to acting.

Shaun’s story is unforgettable. (We’d add the information to this proposal but then it would be way too much to read)

Appearing in TV, internet miniseries, feature films and music videos, Shaun has so far paved a great acting career. Is it however, time to explore the next step.

This is an opportunity for you to take the next step with Shaun as he documents this one-of-a-kind journey. Along the way, he’ll be interviewing A and B-Grade actors and musicians. Right now, there are discussions with Snoop Dogg,  Rebel Wilson, Ric Hard! and more.

Shaun is an emotional person and this is his first international trip. Add this to the workshops, industry meetings, a booked stand-up comedy gig, manager meetings, auditions, driving on the wrong side of the road, questionable hotels, karaoke night, good times, bad times, laughs, arguments, tears and inevitable ‘throw the towel in’ moments in Los Angeles and New York.

This emotion will all be captured on film. Not just for entertainment.

We’re now just capturing this at a high level to share with the world. There will be hours of social media content creation, a web mini-series and a composition entered into three major film festivals.

Shaun is a simple family man from the Central Coast of NSW. So far, he has come leaps and bounds in a tough industry. There is no doubt that through the rollercoaster ride ahead, he will come out on top!


How do you fit in?


Let’s be clear.

1.The trip has already been paid in full (flights, accommodation etc) and meetings have already been scheduled, with more in the pipeline. This is not an opportunity to fund some guy’s holiday. It’s going to be hard!


2.Your help will allow us to film and document for hours every day. To tell the story, we need all moments captured, no matter how stressful and emotional. Similarities can be drawn to a Louis Theroux style documentary.


3. Shaun will wear apparel with your logo on it. The production crew will have polo shirts with your logo whilst working on tour. There will also be product placement in all major shots (walking, in cabs, in meetings, during meals etc).


4. In all cuts of the film, your product or company will be mentioned or sponsored.


5.We calculate the distribution of funding as per below.


The average film budget for an independant film is in the hundreds of thousands. With our unique team including Director of Photography Jason Hodge, we plan to make 3 cuts of this documentary for under $50,000. (breakdown of these below)

Although we’ve had interest, we’ve decided to not go the TV mini-series route. Through initial market research, we’re confident we’ll receive more engagement through Web mini-series, online marketing and film festival inclusions such as Tropfest and Sundance. We have already committed to delivering this film to film festivals in 2018.

We’re aiming for this documentary to be viewed in the millions, and there is no doubt that will happen.


Get on-board and help us share your brand, while in turn supporting a genuine, talented Aussie actor giving it a go.


‘3 cut’ breakdown

* Cut 1 - Daily image or short 30 second video with brand logos uploaded on Social networks.

*Cut 2 -  Monthly ‘teaser’ 5 minute video with b-roll or dramatic highlights posted every month until film launch. ‘Presented by ‘your brand’ before every video. Brand links in video credits and in notes on social pages and web uploaded locations.  This will be presented as more of a web mini-series build up. With more ‘behind the scenes’ footage or interesting points that may not fit the storyboard.

*Cut 3 -  60-80 minute feature film to be entered into film festivals such as Sundance and Melbourne International Film Festival. Brand in credits a co=producer or presented by. Alternative option for product placement throughout film. 


*Cut option - If possible we’ll also cut a short film version for admission into spaces such as Tropfest.

You’re branding will begin online from July 20 2017 and will continue to gain exposure until the final cuts have been made ready for release.

Our target time for final cuts will be 28 February 2018. This is a date close to Film Festival submission cut off times mid march and we’re setting a date a few weeks before this to allow 4 weeks headroom for any unexpected delays.

Investment benefits:

  • Positioning your business closely with community support

  • An easy and effective way to market your business

  • Your ad in front of millions of potential customers

  • Advertising expense tax write-off for your business


In an independent study on sponsorship of the arts conducted by Performance Research, the world leader in consumer based sponsorship the following results were found:

56% of respondents said they would almost always or frequently buy a product or support a company sponsoring an arts or cultural event over one that does not.

Our target audience:

· family oriented · active · mature · fun loving · traditional · married (58%) · middle income ($30-$60K) · baby boomers.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 4.27.48 pm.png


  1. Stage One (Complete!)

  • Get Shaun booked to spend 6 weeks in Los Angeles and New York, covering base expenses

  • Establish relationships with US agents and managers

  • Book meetings/auditions/live performances

  • Departing  July 19 2017 he’ll be in California until the 13th of August, then will spend 7 days in New York. The last week will be spent back in in West Hollywood. (Total 6.5 weeks touring)


  1. Stage Two (In Progress)

Now we have all our foundations build, we’re ready to take on sponsors. We have everything ready to go and just need to cover the cost of crew and film equipment.

Our base-line (minimum production amount) is $30,000. It’s not a lot, we agree! We’re committed on delivering a great final product on a lean budget and we have a fantastic team of assistant producers, colour graders, photographers, post production teams and more donating some of their time to help us land.

We’re looking to you to support us at any level with the utilization of some of your 2017 marketing and/or advertising budgets. We’re happy to discuss how this branding is presented with you.


  1. Stage Three: Marketing Plan

We intend to push promotion for this video across multiple platforms. From newly created social media presences, film association newspapers and digital media, Fairfax print media distributions across to local radio advertising such as KISS FM-associated national radio stations.

Promotion will begin July 01st 2017 on lead up to Shaun’s departure. Content will be as per the above ‘3-cut’ plan.

Explore what opportunity your brand has via the presented media.

Opportunities (presented in $AUD)

Executive Producer $20,000

Producer $10,000

Director $5,000

Contributor $2,500

Presented by: $500



SummerHouse Media Australia

                                          Shaun Robinson +(61) 0413 331 472

Jason Hodge (DOP / Director) +(61) 0437 234 760


Business Name:______________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________


Email: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Lead contact person: ________________________________________________________________________

Position in business: _________________________________________________________________________


Sponsorship Level: (mark with [X])

$20,000 (Executive Producer): [   ] $10,000 (Producer):   [   ]

$5,000 (Director): [   ] $2,500 (Contributor): [   ]

$500 (Presented by…: [   ]

Donation: $___________________


Payment Information:

____ I would like an invoice provided to me so I can send a cheque.

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____ I would like to pay by credit card

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Warm Fuzzies

A chance to contribute to the OZCrowd fund and show your support for 'that's not a knife'.


You will not only support the project and have your name on the official website displayed in all its glory! but also receive a free digital download when the film is released.

The wrap show!

Not only will you support the documentary and claim a copy, you'll also receive an invite to the wrap party in Sydney to watch the stuff we didn't add in the film and get yourself a signed posted from the cast and crew!

Premium Sponsor

This is presented as an advertising or marketing write off for your business. -Premium Sponsor End Credit including company image/logo in film -Special Thanks Premium Sponsor listing on IMDB -Special Credit including company image/logo in printed media and website

Executive Producer.

Full page opening credit in the film. Listed on IMDB as Executive Producer. Special thank you in all digital, printed and social media. You'll receive and invite to the wrap party, collect signed merch and receive DVD copies of the documentary and footage we didn't cut in. Along with this we'll feature your brand on all web teasers, trailers and images along with product placement where possible. 75% off in this OzCrowd Campaign. only 3 spots available. (We want to make sure an executive producer gets 'bang for their buck'!