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June 18th 2017
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My name is Claire and my Grandfather Werner Forster passed away mid 2014.  I would like to honour my Grandfather's dying wish and return his ashes to Germany, the place of his birth and his desired final resting place.  I am seeking to raise funds for my return airfare and accomodation whilst in Berlin.

Grandfather and Nana were both born in Eastern Germany.  After WWII Grandfather found himself homeless when the borders were redrawn and his hometown became a part of Poland.  After the war he was suspected by the Russians of being a spy.  Aided by American friends, his life in danger, he was forced to flee and was smuggled out of East Germany through Berlin then to safety in the West.

In 1951 Grandfather and Nana migrated to Australia where Grandfather commenced work on the Snowy River Project.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990's Grandfather and Nana were able to return to Germany on a visit and were reunited with surviving family members who they hadn't seen for 42 years!

Grandfather's life was here in Australia but Germany was the home of his heart.  If you feel moved to give towards my cause of honouring my Grandfathers last request I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.