Traditional Skills Enhancing Life Skills in Youths

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Campaign Ends:
October 31st 2017
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All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

GRANFRIENDS is a not for profit organization established in 2008. It is a whole-of-community program which aims to enhance the life skills in primary school aged children and build valuable links to the community through arts and crafts.

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Another successful program we are proud of is helping our little ones in Prep and Grade 1 to read. A wonderful gift we can give to those struggling at school.

We desperately need funds for:-

Public Liability Insurance

Travel Expenses to recruit new volunteers

Stationery & Office Supplies

Telephone & Internet expenses

Volunteers involved in the program assist young ones in learning traditional skills that help them in goal setting and reaching their goals. This has an invaluable flow-on affect throughout the development of their lives.

The continued success of our program is achieved through the dedication and passion of volunteers who have a love for children, learning and the joy in passing on their skills.

To ensure our ongoing success we urgently require funds to cover our overheads.

100% of all funds collected will go towards the ongoing success of Granfriends.