Justin's Path to Employment

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October 31st 2017
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Hi my name is Justin and I am returning to the workforce after 7 years of being a stay at home dad for my 5 kids, however I am only suitable for unskilled jobs and the area I live in has high unemployment so my options are limited.  

My solution is to create an employment opportunity for myself by starting my own business.  I wish to setup a small laser cutting and engraving business, there is a substantial market for personalised giftware and one of a kind products that a laser cutter can provide. 

My problem is that I do not have any means to finance such an endevour, having researched this and crunched the numbers I have managed to get to a minimum setup cost of around $10,000.  This will give me everything I need to get started and around 5 weeks of running expenses.  Therefore I have set my target at $10,000 and anything over that will go to either extending running costs or if sufficient a more powerful laser which will allow me to cut thicker material. 




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