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May 31st 2017
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Hi, all!

As some of you know, a terrible flood ripped through our town at the end of March, thoroughly obliterating all our stuff. Thanks to a lot of contributions from the townspeople, my sister and I were able to replace much of our missing belongings, but still awaiting (hopeful) repair is my car. This is going to cost an unknown amount, but at this point the electrics need replacing, which my mechanic told me will cost "at least two-hundred dollars". So currently, I'm trying to conserve funds for that. I have around three hundred in my account.

BIG OL' EDIT: Thanks to some wonderful generosity, I have managed to pay the bills, and have money to put towards the car repairs as well, but unfortunately the cost of repairs is going to be much, much higher than first suggested. I spoke to the electrics mechanic today, and he has said that with parts and labour, it can cost anywhere between $500 and $2-goddamn-000. When I next get paid, it'll be close to a thousand that I can put towards the car, but that's still only potentially half of the costs. I know I've been asking for a lot with this campaign, but I ask that your generosity continues, so that I can repair my car.

Anything you can donate will help, and, as always, there are incentives there to hopefully tempt you.

Lots of love,

Lauren, aka, the.israel.project107.



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