Teaching Non Violent Communication in Nepalese Schools

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September 17th 2017
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I will let the inspirational young teacher from Nepal explain what this request for crowd funding is for -


I am Sri Ram Timilsina, NVC (NonViolent Communication) practitioner from Pokhara, Nepal. I am raising money for myself and my friend, Kiran Bhurtel to continue to bring Non Violent Communication training to Nepali schools and communities.

In the last eight years my friend and I have brought NVC to 161 Nepali schools.  With students and teachers we typically spend 6hrs on training over two school days.  This allows us to train two adjacent schools over those two days.  We do the training for students and teachers separately.  We also offer a separate one day training for community members during days there is no school on.

To support me, my wife and child, I work at night times fixing computer equipment as well as doing occasional first aid trainings.  This earns me about $A160 per month for my family.  To support us with the travelling and accommodation in bringing NVC to schools, I need to raise about $A320 per month each, for me and my friend.

We ask for support from those we give the training to and sometimes we get some.  It can be financial or accommodation or food.  Currently we could use additional support to ensure that we are able to travel to as many places as possible. The current target, which was originally started to cover my travel expenses to the Bali training event has been reached, by kind donations from participants, outside of this crowd funding site.  So the money from here is now being applied to spreading NVC training to Nepalese schools and communities.  Thank you all for your generous support.

I also offer art and awareness programs in schools and communities, as well as suicide prevention facilitation training for communities.

Herbert is helping me with running this Ozcrowd web page as it is difficult to do from Nepal.



Email with updates and photos of sessions in schools

Email updates of how Sri Ram and his supporters are progressing. Will include some pictures of the activities in Nepal.