JUMPING FOR MEN & BOYS An international fundraiser to reduce male suicide in Australia

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December 27th 2017
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UPDATE 24th July 2017 We did it! The jump was completed at approx 8.30am, Thursday 8th June 2017, Kirra Beach, Gold Coast, Australia. A miracle occurred on the beach that day under Channel 7 Cameras and UK camera. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people turned out in force to demonstrate to the Australian General Public that they supported myself(Rob Tierney), John Lambert and this fundraiser.

There were more indigenous than non indigenous people on the beach that day and the significance was lost on Channel 7. Channel 7 60second news report was aired approx 6pm Saturday 10th June 2017 with the clip entitled "Leap of Faith" We have done our bit and hope people will donate to this fundraiser. 3 confirmed beneficiaries of funds raised are:

1>Lifeline Australia

Lifeline Australia General Enquires 02 6215 9400 Changepath charity rating 7/7


(24/7 National crisis support number 13 11 14) PLEASE call even if you are lonely and just need a kind, compassionate male friendly person to talk to who is non judgemental.

2>TOMNET Inc is the older mens network based in South East Queensland, Australia. They provide support to improve men's physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing, and provide them with a sense of belonging. Are YOU glad that someones looking after YOUR Dad?

Office (07) 4638 9080


3>Sons of the West

(Victoria,Australia 10 week male health program) General Enquires  (03) 9680 6355)  http://sonsofthewest.org.au/


For each man who finds HOPE from our project and does NOT take his own life 6 other people will be positively affected although they will not understand how.

If we can reduce the total number of male suicides by ONE Man or Boy then we consider that the months of time money and effort is well worthwhile. We are not trying to "save the world" here but we wish to "save" ONE man or boy from the "Forever Decision" of suicide.

‘Jumping for Men and Boys’ is an international fundraiser aimed at reducing the suicide rate of Australian men. Rob Tierney, a 57-year-old Australian man, Jade Lewis, an Aboriginal man who works as a Chronic Care Nurse and John Lambert, an Australian man who works with Men's Rights Brisbane , tandem skydived from 12,000 feet onto a beach near Gold Coast, Australia, on the morning of 8 June, 2017 at approx 8.15 am.

The Gold Coast Indigenous Community (Uncle Alan) performed a Welcome to Country Ceremony shortly after our arrival by parachute. (http://www.jellurgal.com.au/pages/welcome-to-country.php)

Channel 7 TV and a UK Camera crew covered the event.

A "documentary" of the event is being produced by the UK camera team and may be available July/August 2017. A Canadian camera crew (honeybadgersradio) interviewed Rob Tierney and John Lambert Sunday 12th June 2017 for unknown purposes.

We like the "situational distress" model of male suicide prevention and not the current "mental health" model. This will be explained in the UK documentary of this event. The relevance of Tandem Skydiving as a message delivery technique for male suicide prevention will also be explained in the documentary.



"Rob and Russ are just a couple of local Lads from the small Central Goldfields Town of Maryborough Victoria, Australia. Neither man has any formal expertise in Psychology, Medicine, Media, Politics or other persuasions. In Fact the pair of them are about as a generic form of Australian Male you’d come across. Both have had their shares of trials and tribulations while trying their best to bumble their way through life.

The One thing that has brought them together to launch this skydive/fundraiser is that the  pair of them are sick to death of their mates either blowing their brains out with shotguns, gassing themselves in their cars, hanging themselves from the end of nooses or simply swallowing a bucket load of pills. On average 6 Australian males take their own life each day, a number of these men have been friends of either Rob or Russ."

Rob and Russ have been joined by Jim, Jade, John, Michael, Helen, Maryborough, Victoria Businesses, family and friends all of whom have strongly supported this fundraiser and sponsored the initial skydive set up costs.

Across the world, men commit suicide at far higher rates than women. There are numerous reasons for this, but one key reason is that men are more likely than women to suffer reactive depression due to highly distressing life events which are attributable to states’ actions and inactions e.g. states not ensuring fathers enjoy reasonable access to their children following family breakdowns.

The following link will take you to a report published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2016, “Causes of Death, Australia, 2015”:


The report shows that in 2015 in Australia, 2,292 men and 735 women committed suicide. This was the highest rate recorded in the past 10 years. Australian men are more likely to commit suicide than women by a factor of over 3:1. In 2015, suicide was the leading cause of death among all people 15-44 years of age. The median age at death for suicide was 44.5 years. This compares to a median age of 81.9 years for all deaths.

The suicide rate of male Aboriginals and male Torres Strait Islanders was around double that of non-indigenous Australian men.

Links to KPMG report on the economic cost of male suicide in Australia = 1.482 Billion Dollars



Why the $24,000 target?

Originally the target was $12,000 ($1 per foot of skydive) and the skydive was not to go ahead if the full $12,000 was not raised  but the CEO of a charity suggested to Rob to be bold and aim for $2 per foot with a flexible (and not fixed) campaign . Gravity was  fully functional on the day of the skydive so we did  achieve every foot of the 12,000 feet!


 Campaign image

We are very grateful to the owners of Gold Coast Skydive (http://www.goldcoastskydive.com.au/) for being our major sponsor of  this event. They reduced the total cost of tandem skydives and outside cameramen/camerawomen by $390 which is much appreciatedThey created a video (4:24) showing what a skydive from 12,000 feet looks like:


On the morning of Thursday 8th June 2017, three people tandem skydived  from 12,000 feet onto a beach near Gold Coast. They are:

 Campaign image

Jumper 1 - Rob Tierney is an Australian man (57) who is very weary of mates taking their own lives, often due to a lack of timely male friendly support services. This has motivated him to organise this skydive/fundraiser.

Rob did a skydive in 2014 from 15,000 feet in Victoria, Australia, during a bitter winter, prior to asking others to skydive, as he would not ask anyone to do something that he was not prepared to do himself.

The skydive has the following objectives in mind: 

1. To raise public awareness of the issues facing men and boys.

2. To promote this fundraiser for the reduction of Australian male suicide.

3. As a personal challenge, given Rob's previous experience of skydiving. 

Rob’s skydive – Winter 2014, Bridgewater, Victoria, Australia with Australian Skydive


“Arms up like your under arrest” – My instructor “MAD MAX”  was physically shaking and at the time I thought he was “slightly suicidal” which increased my fear levels. A week later I WAS arrested but that’s a story for another time and place!

Campaign image

Jumper 2 - Jade Lewis who is the Care Coordinator at Kalwun Health Service, Miami Clinic, Gold Coast, Australia

The Jumping for men and boys skydive/fundraiser came to my attention recently after Rob Tierney approached Kalwun Health Service on the Gold Coast asking if we would like to take part to represent the Indigenous population who account for twice as many male suicides in Australis than non-indigenous males.

Though I was reluctant at first due fear, I put my hand up to take part in this great cause to put myself in a situation of feeling helpless while falling through the sky only to be saved by the parachute and then landing safely on my feet which in my opinion, reflects the concept of this Fundraiser to further prevent suicides with better safety nets in place.

Being an Aboriginal man myself and working as a Chronic Disease Nurse with my mob, I’ve seen and felt the rippling effects that suicide sends through an Indigenous family and community. After reading the  ‘A Situational Approach to Suicide Prevention' Paper, I realised that we here at Kalwun are already taking an active part in tackling situational stressors of clients weather it be by providing social support, job hunting , housing and financial assistance, food, clothes, counselling  and the more we can do to help address their momentary crisis before it takes a hold of them to a point where they find they can’t get out or get help.


I hope by taking this Jump of faith with Rob, it will help bring the attention needed about suicide prevention and what more we can be doing about it to encourage policy makers to broaden the focus of suicide prevention to lower the high death rates it causes.


Campaign image John Lambert in freefall from 12,000 feet with Alana, General Manager, Gold Coast Skydive who was John's outside camerawoman.

Jumper 3 - John Lambert of Men's Rights Brisbane

John is involved with the organisation of the ICMI17 Mens Conference - Gold Coast, Australia 9-11 June 2017 https://icmi.info/

In Total 8 men and 1 female camerawoman  bailed out from 12,000  feet at around 8.15am Thursday 8th June 2017.



 Campaign image

ROB TIERNEY – Organiser  

Rob is an Australian man (57) who has been to hell and back (due to alcoholism, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Air Traffic Control whistleblowing, as well as coping with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). He was loved back to life by other men (and a few women) who could see that he was worth saving at a time when he thought he was a burden on the community and better off dead.

These men freely gave of their time and helped him daily over many years to have a better quality of life. He would now like to give back what he was so freely given by organizing the Skydive and Fundraiser.

Rob did a skydive in 2014 from 15,000 feet in Victoria, Australia, during a bitter winter, prior to asking others to skydive, as he would not ask anyone to do something that he was not prepared to do himself.

 Campaign image

RUSSELL WHITEHEAD – Promoter / Supporter  

Russ is a social worker who works with men in Melbourne, Australia. He is assisting with social media promotion and other practical issues. He has first-hand knowledge of the many issues affecting men and boys. . Russ is holding one of our skydive banners which will be held under parachute.

Campaign imageJIM – Moral Supporter

Jim is an Australian man (64) who also has been to hell and back (two broken marriages, alcoholism, anxiety and depression). He was also loved back to life by other men and today enjoys his passion of gold detecting in the Golden Triangle of Victoria, Australia. He has provided daily support and encouragement for this project.

MICHAEL – Neighbour

Michael has had five major strokes, and is an inspiration to all due to his refusal to accept his limitations. Over a period of several years crawling round on his hands and knees he created a most beautiful garden and became able to walk and talk again. He has provided ongoing guidance with this fundraiser/skydive project.

HELEN –  Aboriginal Liaison

Helen has provided much support and encouragement to enable this project to proceed as well as sharing her vision of how to involve Aboriginal men and boys. As an Aboriginal woman she has provided much insight into the particular problems faced by Aboriginal men and boys and has advised me on protocol in Aboriginal culture. Helen will assist with social media promotion.


Funds raised will be kept in an Australian bank account for later distribution to individuals and organizations working to reduce male suicide in Australia.

Confirmed Beneficiaries as at 24th July 2017 are:

1>Sons of the West – they run 10 week Male health programs in Victoria which in some way can help to reduce male suicide. When men get a little more healthy their mood improves enabling a greater capacity to cope with negative life events.


2>Lifeline Australia due to Lifeline being our preferred National crisis hotline for men in distress. People DO NOT need to be suicidal to ring the 24/7 hotline and may ring for ANY REASON including feeling lonely and needing a kind, compassionate and non judgemental person to talk with.

CALL US: 13 11 14 (24/7)


3> TOMNET Inc is the older mens network based in South East Queensland. Due to the high suicide rate of older men and the need to show direct local benefit for South East Queensland men Tomnet will be recieving some funds.


Depending on the total amount of funds raised some other charities working in the male suicide prevention area MAY be added to the confirmed beneficiary list

We have insufficient  time as at 24th July 2017 to select all the charities  who will be the  beneficiary of funds raised  due to the sheer amount of time that is required to thoroughly investigate each organization to ensure they are financially prudent, stable and have a direct logical and measurable system of male friendly support that DOES prevent male suicide in Australia.

For example one peer support  organization that  we are considering is financially transparent and stable however I want to go to 3 peer support meetings to talk directly to the participants and get their feedback on how the organization is supporting them- this takes time!

Anything less than an intense and thorough investigation of potential  beneficiaries is a misuse of donors funds in my opinion

If sufficient funds are raised individuals and organizations not on the confirmed charity list will be invited to formally apply for funds, explaining how they will reduce the rate of male suicide in Australia. Rob Tierney, Kalwun Health Service and other key people (such as an Australian Male Suicide expert) will jointly decide how the funds will be deployed, and decisions publicised on the Jumping for Men and Boys  website (https://jumpingformenandboys.com/)

Donors who have provided their emails through the fundraiser website, or by informing Rob (jumpingformenandboys@gmail.com) will be informed about deployment of funds.

Our Unconfirmed Beneficiary shortlist

The following organizations are currently under “investigation” and others will be added as we become aware of them. Donors are welcome to leave a comment advising  their preferred beneficiary or donors may contact us directly via email to: jumpingformenandboys@gmail.com (our preferred option)

1 HALT Australia – Tradesmen suicide prevention  (formed after suicide of Welder Peter –Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia and others)  (http://thehaltbrekky.com/)

2 KALWUN health service – uses “situational distress” model of male suicide prevention which is current best practice in Australia. Kalwun recieves Government funding however due to their support of Rob Tierney and John Lambert without which there would have been no Channel 7 coverage It is the personal opinion of Rob Tierney that Kalwun should recieve some funds even if only a small amount. I do not see any confict of interests here as there will be input from informed otherrs as to how funds will be dispersed.



3 MATES in Construction-Construction Worker Suicide Prevention  (http://matesinconstruction.org.au/)

4 MATES in Mines –Mining suicide Prevention – an initiative of the Australian Mining Industry (Based on the successful MATES in Construction Program) (http://matesinconstruction.org.au/mining/)

 Other organizations MAY be added to the unconfirmed list as we become aware of them. Donors are welcome to leave a comment as to their preferred charity which will be taken into account prior to final decisions  being made



This fundraiser will be fully financially transparent with updates and documents posted to jumpingformenandboys.com wordpress website.

Funds will be held in an Australian trust fund bank account set up in accordance with Australian banking regulations.

It is important to note (unlike some major Australian charities where up to 60% of donations go in admin costs-a Google search will confirm this) that the only fees deducted from your donation will be OZCROWD fees, PayPal and Stripe platform credit card fees (maximum of 6% ) All skydive costs have been paid by initial sponsors and from Rob tierney's pension income.

Auditors appointed are Goers and Maunder (Bendigo, Victoria, Australia)

Lawyers appointed are Noonan and Sutherland (Maryborough, Victoria, Australia)

The primary repository of all financial transparency documents is the word press site



 Rob Tierney

Email: jumpingformenandboys@gmail.com



Jumpingformenandboys.com wordpress website



You Tube channel: jumpingformenandboys


Facebook page: Jumping for Men and Boys  





Peer support room rent

$12 will pay for 1 X 2 hour peer support meeting room rent at Maryborough Community Hub (Victoria) Peer support through lived experience is an unmatched source of support. Over the next 6-12 months we plan to start a peer support group in Maryborough, Victoria, Australia Your reward is self respect knowing that you have helped men in difficult personal circumstances.

Peer support room rent - 1 month

$48 will pay for 1 months rent at Maryborough Community Hub (Victoria) for a weekly 2 hour peer support group. Peer support through lived experience is an unmatched source of support. Over the next 6-12 months we plan to start a peer support group in Maryborough, Victoria, Australia Your reward is self respect knowing that you have helped men in difficult personal circumstances.

10 week male health course

$350 will pay for 1 man to attend a Sons of the West 10 week mens health course in Victoria, Australia which covers all basic needs including mental health and overcoming isolation may assist to prevent rural male suicide. Your reward is self respect knowing that you have helped men in difficult personal circumstances.

20th Anniversary Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coin Set

$6500 will pay for the annual administration costs of an organization such as HALT Australia – Tradesmen suicide prevention (http://thehaltbrekky.com/) Your Reward is a 20th Anniversary Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coin Set as well as self respect knowing that your donation will assist vulnerable men in crisis so they don’t kill themselves.. Set number 188 http://www.perthmint.com.au/catalogue/australian-kookaburra-20th-edition-silver-bullion-coin-set.aspx Set posts worldwide and there is only ONE set available. Please do your own research to find out the correct market value of this set in your country. There is ONLY ONE set available as a reward and please ensure that you have provided your postal address either via the donation process fields or by emailing me : jumpingformenandboys@gmail.com