Michelle's Missing Life

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June 30th 2017
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Our Friend Michelle has suffered from ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for 12 years. She's done everything to reduce the effects and find a cure, but, unfortunately her condition has deteriorated drastically over the last couple of years. She's now only able to work about 6 hours per week and much of the time she is forced into bed through exhaustion, pain, and flu like symptoms. She can’t take part in the activities she loves, let alone work enough hours to pay her bills and medical expenses.
To maintain a degree of financial independence and put food on the table she's been forced to apply for a disability pension. After a year of trying, the good news is Michelle has found a knowledgeable and supportive medical specialist and hopefully, in the next few months, the pension may be approved.
 In the meantime, she is relying on the support of friends and her local church to make ends meet.

We want to make things a little easier for Michelle while she awaits the decision. We want to give her the chance to concentrate on her health and get as much out of life as possible without the stress of worrying where the rent money is going to come from. 

We are holding a fundraising night on Saturday the 24th June where you'll have the chance to see Michelle, listen to live music, experience a few surprises and give some much needed funds. All the details are in the flyer at the top of the page.

If you can't come, then please take the opportunity to donate via the link on this page.

Thank you.

The Gonks.

Jo, Kim, Steven, David, Greg and JD.