Forest Sanctuary

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September 20th 2017
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 Forest Sanctuary:


I feel that this is worth a fight. The potential for a learning lifestyle and sanctuary for people is great. To continue to build upon the great work already done here. The possibilities are unlimited as to the benefits it must offer, especially as an education center for the young.   

Our place is a little 100-acre Island of reclaimed bushland in the middle of sheep and cow country in South Gippsland. Twenty years ago, when Willem founded this place it was a paddock with an old farm house on it that grazed sheep and cows just as many of the neighbours still do. Today all the native wildlife common to the area has slowly moved back in here in a balanced fashion. Birds, reptiles, marsupials and even wild deer, rabbits and foxes live in harmony with each other. The forest provides shelter and food, clean water, fresh air and general protection for animals and the soil. There is even a gully that was never logged in the past where giant fern trees grow and a natural spring provides water all year round. This all came about because of the vision of a man who cares about the recreation of the forest; in a world that starts to understand about the carbon footprint that people make and how they can live in a balanced way with the earth.

Gardens where dug, an orchard with a large variety of fruit trees was established, accommodation for a large group of people was built “three or four families could easily live here”, garden sheds, work and machinery sheds, paths thru the forest and bridges over the gully waterways. Twenty years of one man building, with a bit of help from his friends.

Two years ago, I was passing with my ex-wife who visited me from Israel and we saw the place for sale. She was keen to invest and we offered to purchase a share, to relieve a debt hanging over the property. A deal was finally agreed, but fell short of covering the debt. My ex went back to Israel, I moved onto the place and Willem and myself set about to raise the rest of the finance needed to clear the loan he had. The banks talked to us and said they did not lend money to people on the pension, friends were not able to help either unless they could get on the title. The debt Willem has causes a caveat on the place by a private lender who will not lift unless the full sum is repaid. In every direction, we have tried to raise the sum owed and we have been blocked to date.

This is really our last chance to raise the capital we need to keep this place. The lender has threatened to put the place to auction if we do not come up with the money within the next couple of months. Please help us so we can continue to share the goodness of this place with others. Your help will support the education that is needed to make a healthier more balanced relationship with the Australian natural environment. We are heart centered people and happy to share what we have with others in a balanced way.

Join our effort and pledge to this future vision that we are contributing to the larger picture of the world around us. Your caring matters and will make all the difference. 



Forest retreat

We will host you for the weekend, take you for walks around the forest, feed you yummy vegetarian food and just let the place work its magic on you.