Help Mick get his book printed

funded of $6,000.00 goal
This campaign has ended and no further contributions can be made.
Campaign Ends:
July 2nd 2017
This is a flexible campaign

All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

The Crowdfunding Campaign has now finished ... Thankyou to everyone who gave support ... Pledging ... Sharing the video and even the people who liked the video ... It all helps ... the next opportunity to buy Mick's book will be at the Launch ... Abbotsford Convent ... Sunday 9th July 1pm ... For more info go to Fbook .... Mick Woiwod - Author ....

Help Mick Woiwod get "Barak vs the Black Hats" book printed.This book has been years in the making and is finally here ...

You can pledge any amount to help with the Campaign ....

To receive the book post free for $30 ....Go to the Rewards section ... Make sure you leave your email address .... or just pledge $30 and we will contact you ....

Mick would like to thank everyone who has contributed ... Every $ is appreciated .... and would like to invite you to Abbotsford Convent .... 1pm ... Sunday 9th July 2017 .... for the Book Launch ....The wonderful Uncle Jack Charles will be our MC .... Looking forward to seeing you ...


For more information go to Facebook .... Mick Woiwod - Author .... or ...





Free postage

For $30 Signed copy of 'Barak vs the Black Hats' with free postage The first 100 books will be numbered by Mick. Get in early ... When this Crowdfunding Campaign is finished the price of the book will be .... $34.95 plus Postage

Free Postage ... Personal Message

A signed copy of the book with a personal message from Mick Woiwod.$40 ... Free postage

Philanthrophy 1

A signed book with a personal thankyou note from Mick Woiwod. This will cover additional costs of producing the book.

Philanthrophy 2

For $10,000 This will enable Mick to provide every senior school and library in Wurundjeri country. We can have book printed and distributed within 4 weeks.... As this is over our target you will have to enter this as a pledge ...

Hot Air ballooning

For $10,000 receive a signed copy of the book and a hot air balloon ride over Wurundjeri country with camera man followed by breakfast with Mick .... As this is more than our target it will need to entered as a pledge ...