Defending attacks by Pauline Hanson & James Ashby

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All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

This fundraising campaign has been created in the interest of Australia’s democratic political process and freedom of speech. It is to fundraise for legal costs involved with defending those people who have stood up, to ensure that politicians are held to account.

Recently, Pauline Hanson, James Ashby (her trusted advisor) and One Nation have come under scrutiny for undeclared donations and the treatment of their candidates and former staffers.

The people who have spoken out against Senator Hanson and James Ashby have been subjected to personal attacks and now legal attacks and this fundraising venture is for those people who need the support to defend themselves from these attacks, through legal avenues.

Former One Nation Party executive members, Ian Nelson and Saraya Beric, including former candidates have spoken out against Senator Hanson and Ashby and how they run the One Nation Party, in an effort to hold them to account.

Saraya Beric and Ian Nelson more so than any other people, have been subjected to slander and defamatory remarks by Hanson and her side-kick Ashby, on National TV, media and in conversations between political acquaintances, with statements that are filled with nothing but lies in an attempt to discredit them.

Senator Hanson and James Ashby, must not be allowed to abuse their position of power and attack members of the public that cannot defend themselves.

Political parties and our elected representatives (politicians) are supposed to be transparent to ensure that we have a political system with integrity.

Of course, not all politicians are honest with the people of Australia and it is up to people like you and I to hold these politicians to account.

Evil prevails when good men and women do nothing, and so we ask that you kindly donate, so that we, and others, have the financial support to be able to fight against the current (and future) attacks launched by Pauline Hanson, James Ashby or One Nation (the party management).

A committee is currently being formulated to assess cases and each case presented will be accepted on its own merits and funding allocated as the committee decides. 

Funding from legal cases where costs are reimbursed (awarded to Hanson, Ashby or One Nation) will be deposited back into this fighting fund.

Thank you for your assistance.

Ian Nelson and Saraya Beric



1. Hanson vs Ian Nelson – Injunction against recordings being aired, NSW Supreme Court - Tues 13th June 2017

AIM: To fight the injunction and stop Hanson’s legal costs being incurred by Ian Nelson. Hanson to pay costs.