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July 31st 2017
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There's no covfefe in the world who better deserves a leg-up than the Callaghans. They've been knocked down and got back up time and again, and it's about bloody time they got the chance they deserve.

There's no one kinder, more caring, more down to earth (and downright right sweary) than these guys, and we reckon it's their turn to get back some of what they give.

Today they announced they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn things around for their family (as well as bringing the glorious blessing of bacon to the weary traveller).


"Busy weekend ahead. Tracy and I and our kids have a once in a lifetime opportunity. We have been approved to lease a local post office in a small village just 13ks out of Dubbo. The PO comes with a small and basic house attached, plus a cafe/general store that is just sitting there empty. We have the chance to build it up into a viable business. 

As per usual in life the main problem is money. $6k to start up and then another $8k over next 3 months. PO brings in 4k a month income guaranteed so we need to get the cafe side of things earning something at least this side of Christmas. Basic general store items plus coffee and bacon & egg rolls for the commuters to Dubbo. 

We are going to make this happen. And then you all need to drive to Dubbo for a coffee."



So all of us who have been cared for, loved, FED (oh god, the food!) and endlessly entertained by this wonderful family, let's help them make this thing happen.