31 dry days

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Campaign Ends:
July 31st 2017
This is a flexible campaign

All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

Hi friends and family,

As you know Ben Crockett and I are very hard pressed to get through a weekend without enjoying a good bottle of wine or some craft beer. So we thought what better way to stay motivated to spend the whole of July sober, than to back it up with some fundraising! We have enlisted two of our lovely friends, Jane Clack and Monica Nickel, for support and they are taking on this challenge too!

We have chosen four charities to support and we will divide the proceeds up at the end equally between the four charities.

Firstly we have Labrador Rescue. They are a national charity whose aim is to rescue abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted Labradors and rehome them into loving homes where they are considered part of the family. The goal is to bring awareness to the general public on the detrimental outcome of puppy farming and the sale of puppies/dogs in pet shops. 

Secondly we have Nova Pooch Rescue from Newcastle NSW who aim to ethically save “at risk” pooches from various sectors of the community (shelters, private surrenders) and to responsibly rehome them into permanent and loving homes.

Storybook Farm Sacred Animal Garden is our third charity. They are a little farm near the Gold Coast with a big heart! They are a sanctuary for special needs and disabled animals plus an educational farm for children.

And last but not least we have Golden Oldies Animal Rescue who are dedicated to saving older best friends from shelters through foster care and rehoming. All of these charities are close to our heart. We all have dogs and love animals and are excited to think the next 31 days could raise some funds for charities who need and deserve it.

Thank you in advance if you donate. Spare pocket change right through to larger amounts are all welcome. We won't let you down xxx



Lizzie Hart