save Castle d' Art

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Campaign Ends:
July 31st 2017
This is a fixed campaign

Pledges will be collected if the goal is reached.

I'm starting this campaign for an amazing couple I know in Portland Victoria Australia. Brendan and Kerri. After falling in love with the place they decided to purchase a property on the outskirts of town.    Restoring the building and turning it into a Castle.    Housing amazing Art works from 30 local artists , including Kerri herself, most of which are also up for sale. Added to this an extensive photograph collection from Vern McCallum dating back to 1859 with some of the first photographs of Victoria.  Oh but wait, there’s more. How about a little Coffee shop and live music venue where budding musicians can get up and have a go on stage on a Sunday afternoon with their delightful open mic sessions

  They have been trying to secure finance for Castle d' Art for the last 18 months, which has been under vendor finance, whilst they gained a bank loan. However sadly that cannot continue. Banks are not being cooperative about giving them a loan, even though they can provide proof of affordability.

 I am now calling on you the general public to help these amazing people out. This is a massive chance of creating a great thing for the Portland community and tourism.  Please donate as much as you can or even offer them a loan. They are not asking for something for nothing, I would  love to see one of the best community ventures I've seen keep on happening.

 They work very hard for their community and everyone in general. Brendan has also filmed documentaries "300 days around the world in search of lost Tuckers "   "30 Sheds in 30 Days" "30 Pubs in 30 days"   (As seen on Foxtel) and "RU2TUFF2TUTU"   Whilst raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Children First Foundation and Moira Kelly.

  They need to raise $380,000 by the end of July or even surely a $50k deposit would make the banks take note..  They have fixed income from rentals on the property of  $617 per week and a gardening business that generates $1200 per week so the financials are there.






$100 donation earns you a bottomless coffee for life


$300 donation gets you a ride in the famous bullet car


$500 donation you receive an "I saved Castle d' Art" tshirt

motivational speech

$1000 donation Brendan and the Bullet will appear at your function and do a talk and video presentation and motivational speech (Australia only)