This is for Alan Quaife Frankston Citizen of the Year 2016, now in need himself

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September 28th 2017
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This fundraising campaign has been set to assist Alan Quaife.

Alan is a man who dedicates his life to helping members of the Frankston community who are less fortunate including the disadvantaged, homeless and recovering drug addicts. Alan himself did not have the easiest of childhoods receiving little support from his own father which in turn has provided him with the motivation to become a father like figure to many in our local community.

Alan is currently the coach and manager of Frankston Peninsula Dolphin Sports (FPDS). Alan has been around sporting clubs all of his life, mainly football having coached many clubs within the V.A.F.A (20 years & 11 Premierships) and the S.F.L (10 years, 3 Premierships). Alan also played for Collingwood & Fitzroy in the former VFL competition and Northcote VFA. Fourteen premierships and a host of finals campaigns are testament to his ability to motivate people.

In the last 4 years, even with a broken neck, destroyed back and barely able to walk, Alan has never stopped helping and supporting the disadvantaged, day in and day out.

With his perseverance through FPDS, Alan has gathered many mixed ability, disadvantaged and homeless people to form together teams which now participate year round in football, cricket, basketball, t-ball, lawn bowls and indoor soccer, thus helping to rebuild lives.

A pensioner himself, Alan has literally poured thousands of dollars of his own money into helping set up and run all of these activities and in recognition of his efforts, on Australia Day 2016, Alan he was named Frankston Senior Citizen of the Year.

Unfortunately though, Alan has now fallen on bad times himself. Just a few months ago, Alan was diagnosed with prostate cancer and now finds himself struggling to keep up with not only his daily bills but bills for hospital visits and specialist appointments. But, despite barely being able to maintain his own personal life and currently receiving radiation therapy every day, Alan still never gives up on the boys and girls at FPDS and they remain his soul focus.

As his neighbour, and seeing his desperate plight, we felt we had to step in and help and that is why we have set up this fundraising campaign for Alan.

You can find additional information about Alan and his work through FPDS by visiting the following links -








Thank you for your kind donation, please feel free to share and spread the word so that we can help Alan just like he has helped so many others.