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January 31st 2018
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I want to raise funds to be able to start my own small transport business.

The business requires purchasing a dual cab, tiltbed truck. I already have business people who want to support my business if it comes to fruition.

The business involves transporting a wide variety of items including; 20ft shipping  containers, wrecked/damaged and/or abandoned vehicles, vehicles that have broken down, (dual cab can accommodate a family so they can be transported with thier vehicle that has broken down), transportation of machinery and plant equipment. A stock crate will be custom made for the transportation of live stock. The tray/deck will also have detachable sideboards and tailgate so it can be utilised as a tipper too.

I want to start this business as there is a demand for these services, but not limited to, in the Fraser Coast region. Pictures of example vehicle.

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