Walshmandingos dreads for Nepalese street cred's

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October 18th 2017
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Soooooo ladies and gentlemen boys and girls its time for Dingo to LOSE HIS DREADS AND CURLS!!!!!

After 20 years of having these bad boys in my life I've come to the conclusion that shaving them off for a good cause would help others just as much as they've helped me over their time. And I love to see something that has given me such happiness give others in need some much needed joy and comfort.

A brief history of my dreads. When I was young a little song was launched by BomFunk MC called Freestyler and in the video clip there was a young kid with dreads and I thought this kids hair is SIC!!!

At the time I already had long hair from being a mad metal head and I thought this could be my look, and for the next 20 years it was.

I was lucky and all the stars aligned. My mother was away traveling through Asia and my very liberal Nan was taking care or me. I had free reign as I was the golden child. Hours later I was now the coolest kid in town.

Over the past 20 years they have been more than just dreads to me, they have emphasised my personality being just as bold and out of control as I am, I’m not sure if it was the dreads that created my personality or my personality that created the dreads but either way they’ve served me well... 

The charity I’m raising the money for is completely non-for profit and %100 proceeds are donated to a good cause. A long time ago my Grandpa went to Nepal and met Expansion Dahal who is a tour guide from Kathmandu. They became best of friends keeping in contact and regular visits, only last year Expansion stayed with us over Christmas in victoria.

Lately Expansion has been raising money for all the victims of the recent floods in Nepal and before that renovating a school in a little village plus a number of other charities.

I'd like to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars but at the moment I’ll aim for $2000. I'm sure your pockets are deeper than I'm anticipating but I will aim low and if it exceeds my expectations it will be a massive bonus.

Arley Tune has agreed to cut my hair at her shop in Warrnambool Birds and fellas and it will be done on the 18th of October..

Thanks in advance and remember every little bit helps so please if you donate $1 or $100 it will all make a huge difference to people in need.

So without further ado dig deep friends LOVE Dingo….