Epic Arts Boarding House Cambodia

funded of $3,000.00 goal
days to go.


Campaign Ends:
December 31st 2017
This is a flexible campaign

All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

Funds are required to pay for concreting and fixing of amenities for students that board at the Epic Arts Boarding House in Kampot Cambodia as part of the Inclusion Program.




Epic Arts is an international, inclusive arts organisation based in Cambodia and registered as a charity in the UK. They use the arts as a form of expression and empowerment to bring people with and without disabilities together. Epic Arts aim to promote the message that every person counts through their programs.

Funds raised will go towards:

1 Building one more bedroom - bricks, cement, sand, bed, door and window, paint - $590 USD

2 Concrete and drainage (from kitchen and toilet to front of the house) - stones, cement and sand, water pipe - $370 USD

3 Extend the roof infront and outside the house (bicycle and wheelchair park) - wood, zinc roof, nails - $680 USD

4 Reading hut - wood, pamb tree roof, stone, cement, sand, table and benches - $630 USD

5 Concreting the driveway (from the front gate to the house) - cement, sand, stone, hiring two people to do the work - $550 USD

TOTAL = $2820 USD or $3525 AUD.  

Please WATCH VIDEO above.

If you are a life, biz or wellness coach or small business owner you can also PAY IT FORWARD by becoming a VIP Visible Member of Online Coach Support (onlinecoachsupport.com/become-a-member) ALL proceeds from now until end of December 2017 will be going towards this project.


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Photo Credits that are used in video were produced by Kevin Norris

Original song and music - Leang Sam Ath (Wash It) Full MV By WaterAid Cambodia and Epic Art - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMc75WyaqZs

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