Charity for "Santwana Bhavan" -A Girls Care Home for boarding and education of street children.

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Campaign Ends:
September 23rd 2017
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Santwana Bhavan- Home for street children was started by the diocese  of Kannur around fifteen years ago. Now we have 18 girl children in the centre out of which  12 are orphans.  They study in different grades.  The eldest one has been sent for nursing course.  It is the child help department which brings most of these children here.  It is the responsibility of the diocese to educate them to obtain a decent employment and get them settled in life.
We have a very meagre stipend from the Indian government.  Recently they have even stopped the food supplies.  
Three nuns and a kitchen staff is employed to take care of the children.  All of them need to be paid a salary.
It is in such situation that the diocese is seeking the help of good souls for support.
We even seek sponsors for the children.  50 Australian dollars is sufficient to take care of a child for a month.  Even a one time help is highly appreciated. 
Assuring you my prayer.
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