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June 30th 2018
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For more than 13 years, our friend Dave has been compiling a database of Western Australian bus and coach history that has become an irreplaceable reference for bus enthusiasts not only in W.A., but worldwide.

‘’ has grown into a treasure trove of history of the W.A. public transport scene, encompassing thousands of photographs, specifications, and detailed vehicle history. It has helped countless people research the history of vehicles delivered new in W.A., or vehicles that spent some part of their lives in W.A.

In the last week, ‘ehost’, the company responsible for hosting ‘’ have decided to close down. Fees paid to keep the site online until November 2018 have ultimately been lost, and recent maintenance by the host has caused disruption to the site’s intended functionality.

Despite its humble appearance, the ‘’ website contains thousands of lines of code to make it the powerful tool we know it to be today, in addition there is over ten gigabytes of photographs stored on the site. Migrating all the substantial data that makes up the site to a new hosting service, and ensuring the continued functionality of the site requires a substantial investment of time, money, and effort on Dave’s behalf.

A crowd-funding plan has been devised to raise at least $1000. The funds raised will be put towards the hosting fees for ‘,’ with any additional funds raised being given to Dave to cover the money lost in the shutdown of ‘ehost.’

Please note these donations go towards the running costs of the site, while we love feedback and improvement suggestions, donations don’t form any type of ownership of the site or content. Feel free to join if you wish to provide feedback on the website.

If you have any queries regarding this crowd-funding initiative, please free to contact Stephen Retzlaff at