Teaching NVC in Nepalese Schools - Nov, Dec Campaign

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Campaign Ends:
December 23rd 2017
This is a flexible campaign

All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

Sri Ram is a Native Nepalese who, with friends, is teaching better communication skills to schools in Nepal.  I am supporting his inspiring work by helping fund raise.  I will let him describe what he is planning for the next two months.

Our NVC (Non Violent Communication) work has now reached 365 schools in Nepal.  I do it together with my good friend Kiran Bhurtel.  We have a program of running workshops at schools for Nov-Dec 2017 and would be very grateful for any money donated to support our work.

We are visiting the following schools in the central region of Nepal

1.    Mount Annapurna English School

2.    Diamond Model Secondary School

3.    Sainik Awasiya Madhyamik Vidhyala

4.    Lumbini higher Secondary School

5.    B.M.G Boarding School

6.    Shree Shanta Secondary School

7.    Oxford English School

8.    Siddhartha Higher Secondary School

9.    Gyan Jyoti English School

10.  Srijana Secondary School


The cost for each workshop comes to around A$27, for the travel and training materials. Support for the workshops is most welcome.

I am hopeful that the recurring violence and conflicts in different parts of my country can be transformed via non violent communication.


I am wishing for a great success for me and for my country too (especially youth groups and children). At this moment I am not getting the words to express my gratitude and happiness felt in me, but I can and will express my deepest and sincere gratitude and blessings by sharing the knowledge and skills I gained from the Bali International Intensive Training, NVC Convention in India and all friends and trainers whom I met in this journey  to transform the lives of many more people in my country, therefore initiating a ripple effect and creating ultimate peace and harmony with better understanding, love and compassion.

Sri Ram Timilsina,