Help save ELVIS

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February 28th 2018
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My campaign is to save my father. Elvis Rocil is my father.

He started  having  pain in his stomach and intestine, in a few weeks it started to get worse. After the pain got bad and he went to a doctor for tests. The first doctor  said to have an ex Ray and ultra sound, a lump was found in his intestine.He said to have an operation straight to fix the lump in his intestine. But we thought it was not a good enough explanation and went for a second opinion. The second doctor said he needs to have a endoscopy and colonoscopy to to see what there. The results showed small lumps in the oesophagus and the intestine. After a biopsy of the lumps it was confirmed that it was carcinoma or cancer of the lining of his organs. The cancer was scattered throughout his body. In 2 months he has lost nearly half his weight, he is in a lot of pain and can't sleep much because of it. Luckily after a third opinion there is hope of radiation therapy and new tests are being done to find out if there are any problems with his liver as he has started to show a yellow tinge to his skin. We are hoping that after these tests it will be ok for treatment to begin.

We have spent $6500 so far on tests and doctors but have not even got to the treatment stage. It is costing $300 a day for him to be in hospital care and we have run out of money and desperatly need help to save ELVIS. If we get help we know he has a chance of recovery. 

Please Help Us. Elvis needs radiation therapy, and is unable to eat. He has a feeding tube and is on oxygen but is in a stable condition.

Thankyou to all of you that have already contributed and God bless.