100 km on foot in 24 hours

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February 10th 2018
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All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

We are a small group of "crazy" Russian-speaking enthusiasts who support a healthy life style. We will cover 100 km on foot in 24 hours from Wollongong to Bondi Beach on February 4, 2017. After making a donation on this website, you are invited to join us in this bold attempt (but you do not have to).

The entry fee for walkers is $50. However, if you do not wish to walk with us, please donate $10-$20.

Here is what we will do this for:

1. Charity

We would like to take this chance and donate the money to Cancer Council Australia in order to support the good cause. The funds raised will be donated to charity a few days after we complete the walk.

2. Prove that motion is life

There are few physical activities that are easier than walking. Yet, walking does not have to be boring. We will take advantage of our natural ability to walk to get fitter and healthier. After all, how often do you spend 24 hours outdoors?

3. Push the limits of personal endurance

Covering twice the marathon distance at once without any means of transport seems crazy and next to impossible. And it probably is, unless you are a professional sportsman or military specialist. Indeed, walking all day, and then all night does require a bit of stamina. However, doing this in a group should make it easier. But just a little. Simply imagine that after this walk, anywhere in Sydney will be within walking distance!

4. Train the power of will

We aim to re-define the word "hard" for all our participants. It is after a few thousand steps that the power of will is going to kick in - giving us a chance to develop that "gotta-make-it" attitude.

5. Enjoy the views

Among our checkpoints are: Thirroul, Bulli, Austinmer, Sea Cliff Bridge, Stanwell Tops Lookout, Audley Weir, Dolls Point, Bronte and more picturesque locations - all to be seen in less than 24 hours!


Answers to most common questions

- Yes, we have done this before a couple of times. No one died. A few people only made it to the 70km mark.

- Yes, we will make stops throughout the way. No, we will not sleep but rather walk through the night.

- Yes, it is difficult but relatively safe.

- Fitness trackers and mobile phones are allowed and most welcome (they act as safety devices as well).

- If you have not practised before, it is likely you will finish within 25-26 hours, but if you exercise regularly - 24 hours looks feasible.

- No, we will not have an ambulance van following us. Nor will we have checkpoint stations with meals & drinks waiting for us. The event is planned as unassisted.

- Red ribbon at the finish line? Hell no.

- Yes, girls can do it too. Especially pretty ones ;)))

- No, we will not set a maximum group size. However, if more than 20 people express their interest, we will have to split in units of 5-8 walkers.

Event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1950206508330523/