Quick Return to Queensland Rally Championship

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September 30th 2018
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Hello. I run a Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Rally Car in the Queensland Rally Championship. In November, whilst competing, along with my co-driver Janet, we had a big crash into, then off, a bridge culminating in some time upside down in the water. We were thankfully rescued by a number of selfless people who jumped into the water to turn the car back on its wheels and help us back up the bank to dry land. Water is great stuff, but not inside and through all parts of a car.

The r.sout rally team challenge:-

Lots of work done on the electrics, the Autronic ECU has responded to a clean and replacement of a couple components. The engine is going through the last stages of the rebuild and the car will be panel beated as funds accumulate

I am putting out my hand for your gracious help to raise funds to fix the car and purchase new accessories. Both my wife and my co-driver are keen to see the car back in the forest. I shall endeavour to get the car back on the road by July 2018, sooner if possible. Thankyou for your kindness. I shall be taking people who contribute to the rebuild for a ride in the car as a way of showing my appreciation. Ross