Get Vickiree to her nominated award

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March 30th 2018
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All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made. Vickiree Melouney has worked tirelessly in the country music scene since 2009 she has had a country music show on Radio Nambucca 2NVR 105.9FM Valley. During this time Vicki or Vickiree as we call her has been a constant supporter of independent Country Music artists. Giving artist a platform for radio airplay. Now its time to give back. Vicki has been nominated for community radio host of the year at he industry observer awards .
Like many community radio announcers she gives all of her self and her time for others and she doesn't have the means to buy the tickets, pay for the 6 hour travel and accom in Sydney and get to the red carpet and the awards.
My name is Aly Cook I am one of the thousands of independent artists that Vicki has given airtime too and I would like other artists and country music supporters and family to join me and give a little bit to help get Vicki to the awards. Just a few dollars, if all of us, that Vicki has played on her radio show do this. She can get to this award!
Lets do this guys and gals ..