David Ballard Family Fund

funded of $5,000.00 goal
This campaign has ended and no further contributions can be made.
Campaign Ends:
August 31st 2018
This is a flexible campaign

All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

Dave Ballard was a loyal employee of McConnell Dowell, an industry stalwart, and a great friend to many of us. We will miss him dearly.

Dave’s passing has had a devastating impact on his family and, as Adriana, Ruby, Fred and Lily come to terms with the emotional loss, we would like to do our bit by helping to ease some of their immediate and longer term financial challenges.

As they adjust to the loss of Dave’s day-to-day support, and with three young kids yet to start secondary school, these will inevitably occur.

We are sure Adriana will appreciate anything we can provide and to this end have started up a fundraising page on Ozcrowd. Any contributions that you feel are  appropriate can be placed there – by name, anonymously,  with or without a message and will then be passed on to the Family

We are also exploring a more permanent remembrance of Dave’s life, like an annual golf day for his friends and industry/work colleagues.  More to come on that over the coming weeks.