Help Red and his family get back on their feet again!

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February 11th 2016
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While most people were waking up to a self induced sore head after New Years Eve celebrations, Simon "Red" Kirk woke up to half the flesh missing from his leg after yet another severe knee operation.

Please help Red get back to being the fun loving father you see in these photos. Since 2013 Red has been burdened by the pain and disability of his injured leg and knee. After 8 operations he is no closer to being able to walk or play with his kids again. Red is currently lying in a hospital bed at the Royal Hobart Hospital with a concrete spacer in his knee and half the flesh cut away to try and remove an antibiotic resistant infection. He is being told he will need to have the leg fused straight for life or even have it cut off

Throughout this Red's wife Kellie has been stretched trying to look after their 4 children along with working a full time job to support the family. His mother Andrea has also been stretched to the limit helping out.

Contributing to this campaign will help ease the pressure on Red's family to stay on top of extra costs asociated with his injuries and hospital stay. It will also contribute towards seeking more advanced medical care to help Red achieve the best outcome possible to be able to enjoy being an active father again.


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