Help Nikes compete at Genesis 3!

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December 18th 2015
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Smash means a lot to me. Ever since I started competitive smash, I've always wanted to compete in the US and become the worlds best Yoshi main more than anything, and to give Australia a big spot on the smash map. Both Yoshi and the Australian smash scene have so much potential, they just need the exposure. I've been playing Smash 4 intensively ever since it's day 1 release on the 3DS version and have been learning and growing as a smasher and a person ever since.

[caption id="attachment_57485" align="alignnone" width="300"]VS Atyeo in winners top at at SXC2K15 VS Atyeo in winners top 8 at SXC2K15[/caption]

Having this amazing opportunity to do so would mean so much to me and be a blessing beyond words that I could never even begin to thank you all for enough for...a dream come true.

I don't expect people to fund this, as it's no small ask...but if it miraculously does actually happen, I will try to pay you all back in the best time frame I can, or at least 50% of your donations. And if this doesn't get funded, you will all keep your money to begin with. :)

Thank you so so much to anyone who does help out in even the smallest way, you're helping me to make my dreams come true. I will send everyone who donates a personal heartfelt message as thanks along with a hug the next time I see you, because I truly appreciate any help I can get. Also, if anyone has any better ideas or requests for rewards please go ahead and say so, I want to make it with your while. < 3 I generally try to avoid asking favors of people, but it would be absolutely huge to me if you could help out by spreading this on your social media, but if you'd rather not that's completely fine :)

Thank you for your time everyone. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart,



Even the smallest contributions mean a lot and don't go unnoticed, thank you so, so much

1 straight hour of wifi/offline friendlies/training (offline snacks of your choice provided)

2 hours of wifi/offline friendlies/training. You are amazing. (offline snacks of your choice provided)

Same as the $50.00 reward, and will give you a shoutout in the US, and will buy you a meal, new controller, or character shirt from redbubble. You absolutely deserve it.

Thank you SO much! o__o You'll receive the same benefits from the $100.00 reward but with 2 selections instead of the 1

This is asking a lot...I will come down and travel to your scene if you're in Aus, give you the biggest thank you hug ever, play a full day of friendlies with you, and you also receive all the benefits from the $100.00 reward...I can't possibly thank you enough