Get Atyeo to Genesis 3!

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December 23rd 2015
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Hi, my name is Luke Atyeo.
I love smash, I have been playing smash competitively since 2008 and its been a big part of my life
You can read about some of my smash journey here
I'd love to be able to go to Genesis 3, but I can only get there with your help.

I'm always striving to improve, to up my game and become the best possible player I can.
I'd love to travel to Genesis and see where I stack up on the world stage, words cant describe
how amazing that would be for me.
I also want to see Australia as a scene really pick up and become amazing, I want the level
of skill to go way up. I'm always trying to help other players improve, giving tips and advice,
coaching and training, I love teaching people and I love smash. Going to America is a chance for me
to improve heaps, to learn more about the game, to travel and see new levels of skill, new play styles, new
tricks, new ideas, and so become an even better smash teacher for others.

Want to see my fox go smash America? What are you waiting for then.
Money is for flights and accommodation in America, if the goal isn't met, the money doesn't get taken.

This would be really awesome for me so a huge thank you in advance to anyone who donates.

Here's some footage of me playing against some of the best players in Australia

Here's my hype set at SXC against Jezmo

Me V Villyness at BAM7 Grandfinals



give yourself a pat on the back, you're awesome!

Personalized thankyou message from me :)

Online training session with feedback and critique

online training sesh as above, AND a personlized gamecube controller shell in your design sent to you.

An entire night of personalized smash training (limited to people living in NSW, ACT and VIC- I come to you)

You get to have your name (or a name of your choice) represented by me as my tag at Genesis 3