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December 16th 2015
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Let's keep this short and sweet. You know Jezmo, you've seen him play SMASH, you know he's a genuinely awesome human. He's one of Australia's best. We love him, we support him. Lets get Jezmo to San Jose. Let's get him to fuckin' Genesis.

Here's the deal, your hard earned dollars are going towards return airfares, accommodation and entry fee into the Genesis tournament. And if we don't reach our goal - your pledge isn't taken. Sounds brilliant right?

Need some inspiration to pledge a couple $ $ Bills? See link below ;)

Click me! I promise it's a good time.

Now that you're feeling all loved up, what's $5?

Big thanks to all the support and friendship for our guy.

- Jezmo Fam Bam

P.S - Sharing is caring. If you're poor we understand (way too much) get active on your social media! :)

P.P.S - Go here to check out Jezmo's display of sportsmanship and his final matches at SXC2k15 - 

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Shouts to Jezmo from QLDSmash

Below: Jezmo at his first ever tourney (QLD BrawlBuddies) back in 2008 when he was just a kid

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You're pretty damn cool - we'll tell you reward ever.

Personal thankyou message from Jezmo

Your own personal selfie from the plane - we haven't told Jezmo about this one. Shh.

Smash Merchandise! Your very own awesome signed t-shirt!

Lunch on us with the Jezmo. Mcdonalds? Fine..Steak dinner.

Exclusive gaming night with Jezmo - your pick of stage/character - snacks possibly included.

You're a deadset legend, what more do you need other than legend status? Got an idea? We'll try to make it happen.