Esther Rockett legal defence fund

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December 16th 2015
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Benhayon vs Rockett

Serge Benhayon is suing patient and child safety advocate Esther Rockett for defamation for raising concerns about Benhayon's conduct with women and children. Among her concerns, she has asked why so many juvenile girls are sent to stay in his home without their guardians.

Help make sure she is not bullied into silence. Please donate to her legal fund.

Benhayon is leader of Goonellabah based, international healing organization and religion, Universal Medicine. In the last three years he and his group have received negative press on a range of issues, including bullying. Since Esther began blogging exposure of Universal Medicine, its congregation has harassed her and run a social media campaign to vilify her.  They have attempted to destroy Esther's livelihood and that of other complainants. Multimillionaire Benhayon has sought public funding to expand his operations. Recruiters are actively infiltrating community groups and schools without disclosing their occult beliefs. Esther is a working class person whose exposure of UniMed has come at great financial cost and personal risk. She doesn't have the funds to defend the case.

An estimated

$12,000 is needed

to see her through the directions hearing on December 11, 2015.

The campaign will be reassessed depending on that outcome. More funds may be needed if the case is taken to trial.

You may donate anonymously or under pseudonym if you like

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