Dora's surgery

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November 6th 2015
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Dora is a beautiful, gentle girl, a blind poodle who was living in terrible conditions at a puppy farm until she was rescued in 2013. Apart from being blind and continually producing puppies in filthy conditions for years on end, she also had masses of mammary tumours. She was taken in by a rescue group and had surgery to remove all the tumours. My wonderful friends adopted her from the rescue group and have given her an amazing life for the past 18 months. She has just been diagnosed with another mammary tumour and needs surgery. She will also need a dental, ear cleaning and a few other benign lumps removed. The cost will be a little over $1,000.

My friends have recently spent over $500 in vet fees for a recurring skin condition, medications and blood tests for Dora. The mammary tumour was discovered during one of Dora's recent vet visits. My friends are of course beside themselves with worry. This little girl is their world.

This lovely family have been active supporters of rescue groups and  have donated vast amounts of money over the years to animals in need. They are doing it tough at the moment and are struggling to come up with the money Dora needs for her surgery.  They are wonderful people who deserve a little help. Anything you can spare to help this family and their beautiful girl Dora would be very much appreciated.