It’s 100% FREE to create and share your online Crowdfunding/fundraising campaign!

OzCrowd deducts a small administration fee (2.9%) based on funds raised which helps us run our platform supporting new Australian ideas and crowdfunding campaigns.

In addition to the very competitive OzCrowd fee of 2.9%, Stripe/PayPal also charge a transaction fee (see below) per pledge.

Credit Card/PayPal Fees (All Campaigns)

Until 4 April 2016, Stripe transactions are charged 2.5% + $0.30 per transaction.

From 4 April 2016, PayPal and Stripe fees vary depending on whether it is a commercial/personal transaction, volume discounts and the type of payment method used by contributors. For a full list of PayPal fees, visit Paypal. For Stripe fees, visit Stripe.

Our fees are very competitive as most of our competitors charge 5% as an Admin Fee + credit card/PayPal fees!