IR and Diplomacy Delegation to South Africa - Round 2!

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March 31st 2016
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Last month I was invited to attend an International Relations and Diplomacy Delegation in South Africa as part of the Scholar Laureate program. The delegation takes place in May 2016, and participants fund their own way there.

Unfortunately my current financial situation makes this impossible for me to do unassisted at the present time.

Through stubbornness and sheer determination I’ve not given up on this dream just yet…

I’ve started a crowdfunding page through OzCrowd to help raise funds for my tuition and flights. Any amount pledged would help me - I have already received enough to pay for the deposit thanks to everyone who helped by donating to the first campaign.

The following link is an outline of the delegation:

Breakdown of costs:

Tuition: USD $3395 /AUD $4750 Air fare: approx. AUD $1500

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able and chooses to donate to help me.