Help send climate activist and blogger John Englart to report on Paris climate talks

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April 18th 2015
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Donate to  Moreland resident and climate activist John Englart and teenage daughter Tarryn Clancy's accommodation and living costs in Paris for the UN climate negotiations in December 2015. Support us so that we can report live from the conference.



I decided in December 2014 after the United Nations Lima COP20 climate negotiations that I wanted to attend the UNFCCC climate negotiations in Paris (COP21) from November 30 to December 11, 2015.

My role in attending will be to report generally on the negotiations and any Paris agreement that is formalised, and also to track Australia's specific negotiating positions and contributions to the conference. I will be blogging from the conference live via twitter, on Facebook and to climate groups on Facebook, and blogging reports to Citizen journalist sites Indymedia Australia and, to Climate Action Moreland and my own Climate Citizen blog.

Background / Our Story

I have been tracking the issue of climate change on my own blog and at citizen journalism sites since 2004 and I think I can provide informed reporting with a strong environmental and social justice angle for Australians about this conference.

To ameliorate the carbon emissions of a return flight to Europe we are incorporating a 3 week stay in Paris attending the 2 week climate talks (but they always go overtime), in a 3 month total travel itinerary. We will be away from Melbourne from late September to mid or late December 2015

Travelling with me will be my 15 year old daughter Tarryn Clancy.

Tarryn is a secondary student at Pascoe Vale Girls College, and a Year 9 form captain. She will be attending the United Nations climate conference and writing accounts from a teen perspective. This conference is, after all, more importantly about her future, her generation, and the generations to come. Tarryn is studying Italian as an elective and will get an opportunity for some Italian language immersion when we travel through Italy as part of our holiday component. She will miss the entirety of Term 4, and will be doing assigned school work using a laptop while travelling to keep up with her studies. From travelling she will gain insights into European history, geography, climate politics and international affairs, and hopefully a broader and more inclusive worldview.

I am funding most of this trip through a small amount of savings, extending my mortgage and perhaps dipping into my retirement superannuation funds. I am employed as a casual web content editor at Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly NMIT) for several years, my savings have been minimal and any holidays I have taken have been unpaid. The last time I had a holiday that wasn't the christmas closedown period was a two week break in New Zealand in 2012. I also took one week off work and paid to attend the Australia in a Four Degree World Climate Science Conference at Melbourne University in 2011.


How the funds will be used

I am setting a fundraising target of $2,100, which I am hoping will meet our basic accommodation costs in Paris for 3 weeks (I am budgeting $100 per day). We are planning to stay in accommodation being organised by Civil Society groups called 'Place to B'. They have fully booked an entire Youth Hostel in Northern Paris to provide accommodation for climate bloggers to stay at. This should be relatively economical in price. Any excess raised will be put to day to day living expenses while in Paris, then our airfares.

Our travel to Europe and attendance at the UNFCCC conference will proceed whether we raise our target funds or not. Your donation will just make our life a little easier and share the load a little.

I chose Ozcrowd to raise funds as it is a local Australian based startup, suitable for personal fundraising, and has a low fixed charge of 2.9 per cent of any money raised.

What if I don't meet my target?

The money committed gets paid to me at the end of the 60 days campaign even if I don't meet my target. As I stated previously, I am going anyway, this will just help cover basic expenses in Paris while attending the conference. Crowdfunding is a way for other people interested in reading my reports, to help in a small way, of making the stories happen. A little bit of collective ownership of committed and passionate citizen journalism. And I'm not exactly flush with money so it all helps.



To those that contribute to this fundraising, all that I can promise is a grateful mention on my blog including the amount donated and your name, or an anonymous listing if desired. The return on the investment will be some great blogging and live reporting on the ground keeping you informed of Australia's role at this important international climate conference.



I know that many people will appreciate reading my reports. If you can't donate money, that is okay too. Please pass this request on to others who may be interested. Look out for my facebook messages and tweets late November and December and share them with your friends and networks and read and share the blog reports from Tarryn and myself..