Chad Morgan - A Bronze Bust in Tamworth for the "Sheik Of Scrubby Creek"

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May 4th 2016
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Chad Morgan, the "Sheik of Scrubby Creek" is the last Australian country music pioneer!


Chad has well and truly earned the title of King of Australian Country Music Comedy. Through the years of touring, recording, performing and traveling countless country miles, he’s become an institution in Australasian country music. He has out-sung, out-drunk and outlived his famous contemporaries.

When Slim Dusty died in 2003 the heavy title of country music’s “national treasure” was passed on to Chad. Dubbed the "clown prince of comedy" by Slim Dusty, he's the man who has been making Australian country music fans laugh for more than six decades.

Chad was inducted into the TAMWORTH HANDS OF FAME in 1979. The ROLL OF RENOWN in 1987, the KEMPSEY LIVING LEGEND AWARD in 2002 and the ORDER OF AUSTRALIA MEDAL (OAM) in 2004. Chad was the first person to be honoured with the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD at the 2010 CMAA Awards in Tamworth, Australia's country music capital.

To that end, we are asking his multitude of Australian country music fans to assist us in this OzCrowd crowdfunding campaign to help us commission a bronze bust of this Aussie country music pioneer. The bronze bust will be placed in Bicentennial Park, Tamworth, ensuring Chad claims his true place among the other busts of Australia's country music legends.

After more than six decades on the stage, there’s no sign of Chad slowing down either! He is now in his 80's and still touring his much beloved "Chad Morgan Show" around Australia. You can check out all his touring dates, as well as purchase his CD's and DVD's at his website

So come on all you Australian country music fans! Lets make this happen! Give Chad Morgan the honour of Tamworth's next bronze bust!!