Burrumbuttock Hay Runners

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March 5th 2016
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Burrumbuttock Hay runners began from Brendan (Bumper) Farrell after reading an article on a family like his struggling with the drought. He decided he wanted to help this family by taking a truck load of donated hay to. It took him three days to track down the farmer. After contacting a few mates it went 1 truck to 1 family to 22 trucks loaded with donated hay helping 40+ farmers in Bourke NSW on the 7th February 2014. Since then we have completed 10 runs with over 16250 Squares and rolls of donated Hay and helped over 1800 farmers Bourke x 2 - 100 trucks Lightning Ridge x 2 - 60 Trucks Brewarrina - 18 Trucks Weilmoringle - 15 Trucks Cobar - 22 Trucks Louth - 22 Trucks Wanarring - 20 Trucks 272 Trucks all up And now on the 7th january he has gone to ilfracombe QLD with 119 trucks 160 trailers.   All the Hay is donated by Farmers who are not in drought. We have The Rotary Club of Sydney handle all Financials and donations and do this all free of charge with all funds going to this cause.   All truckies donate their time and trucks, farmers donate the Hay and Bumper pulls it all together. All we need is more fuel money as Hay is already been donated and we will headed to QLD again to help the farmers keep the dream alive, giving them a bit of reprieve with Hay to feed their stock and morale support. Let the farmers know Australia cares.